Effective teaching extends beyond the classroom and requires dedication and effort from both the instructor and the students.  When teaching, I strive to develop a community that encourages curiosity and supports scholarship in students. Once a community is established within a classroom, students begin to trust and teach one another, ultimately achieving a deeper understanding of concepts. 

Science is often presented as an exercise in rote memorization, but in practice it is a creative process that involves critical thinking. Although lesson plans often contain content goals, there are skills that students should learn that transcend any one classroom. I communicate short- and long-term learning goals to students and use a variety of interactive teaching techniques to promote reflection and self-assessment.  I challenge students to succeed in the classroom, as well as to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom.

I am passionate about teaching and always on the lookout for new lessons, approaches, and perspectives. Please be in touch if you have something to share!

Teaching resources:
  • Institute for Science and Engineering Educators (ISEE)
  • American Society of Geoscience Educators (NAGT)
  • Student Education Initiative (SEI) at Univ. of Colorado Boulder
  • The Cutting Edge (SERC)

Field Course in Modern and Ancient Environments taught with Sue Kidwell and Michael LaBarbera