Ecogeochemistry Lab

Welcome! I explore the interaction between environmental change and biotic response. My projects are diverse and include plants and animals while spanning modern to paleo-systems and terrestrial to marine environments. The questions I ask involve elements of time and climate change but I also consider the role of physiology and ecology.

I am in the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences at University of California Merced. If you're interested in joining my lab or have any questions, feel free to email me at skim380(at)


4/17/2019: The UC Merced Stable Isotope Lab has an Assistant Project Scientist position open. Applications and details are here. Please contact me if you are interested.

4/16/2019 : The research proposal, "Collaborative Research: Integrating Eocene Shark Paleoecology and Climate Modeling to reveal Southern Ocean Circulation and Antarctic Glaciation", is funded by the National Science Foundation! This project is in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Huber (Purdue Univ.), Dr. Alexandra Jahn (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder), and Dr. Howie Scher (Univ. South Carolina).