The best word to describe my path to now is circuitous. I went to college interested in the environment and started as an environmental studies major but found myself drawn to the questions and techniques within earth sciences. My senior thesis introduced me to stable isotope analysis, and I've been hooked since. Stable isotope analysis is a tool that allows me to explore a wide range of  processes and mechanisms at the intersection of ecology, physiology, geology, and chemistry. Although much of my work these days focuses on sharks, I have ongoing projects on mammals, nutrient cycling, and lake sediments. I feel fortunate to have a creative career where I can meld my intellectual interests in ecogeochemistry with my passions in education and social justice.

Professional details (CV):

In my personal time - 

I enjoy food, the outdoors, and good company.  My  hobbies have changed through time. I used to grow, make, and share food as well as climb, snowboard, and backpack as much as possible. Now, I have two kids and all these things aren't always possible, but I still try to find time and enjoy life. I think it is important for scientists to be human and enjoy life to prevent burnout. I also think it is important to share our experience (with its ups, downs, and unbalance) when mentoring students to prevent isolation and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.