Social distancing Rubric

During these unprecedented times, it is important to create an open dialogue to help navigate our "new normal" regarding social interaction. Each member of my lab has commited to maintaining a social distancing level 2 according to the pictured rubric, and we ask visitors to do the same.

A more detailed overview of level 2 from the article linked below:

Fairly Strict — Have been in fairly strict isolation alone or with others in a container, which may include the following:

  • Leaves the house to go to work, where etiquette to reduce transmission is not strictly available.

  • Fairly strict etiquette including hand washing, masks, and social distancing are used 80–100% of the time when outside of the container.

  • Minimizes grocery and other shopping (once a week or less).

  • Exercise with others where distance may not always be strictly maintained for brief moments.

  • May socialize with others outside of the container, at 6 ft apart or less than 6 ft with masks.

  • No sexual activity with anyone outside of the container. (Sexual activity is any behavior where sexual touch is exchanged.)

  • No one in the container has prolonged (more than 10 minutes) exposure with those outside the container.

For additional information regarding social distancing visit: